Why Choose Active Travel

Be it walking, wheeling or scooting to school, running or cycling to work, or any everyday journey that we do to get from place to place, active travel can offer a convenient, accessible and affordable way to move more.

Movement makes people happier and healthier, and it does the same thing for our communities with life-changing, sustainable benefits that have huge economic and social value.


Each of us can make a positive difference for Ealing, London and the planet. Swapping just one or two car journeys a week for an active travel one saves greenhouse gas emissions, reduces pollution and helps make our streets safer places to be.

A small change can make a big difference.

When looking for alternatives to driving don’t forget you can also mix your modes too! For example, walk 25 minutes to Ealing Broadway but get the bus back with shopping, take a folding bike on the train to work and then cycle home, or get a bus to work and then walk/jog home.

England is experiencing a serious inactivity crisis, with life-threatening consequences. One in three adults in England don’t manage 30 minutes of physical activity per week. Being inactive can take three to five years off your life.

Physical activity as part of active travel gives us many good things:

  • It’s amazing for mental health
  • It’s an effective form of exercise
  • It’s cost effective


The latest mode share data available from TfL shows that walking accounted for almost one in three journeys whilst cycling accounted for almost one in fifty journeys

Percentage Mode Share 2017 to 2018 and 2019 to 2020

Car 36.3 percent
Walk 30.9 percent
Underground and Rail 15.3 percent
Bus 14.1 percent
Cycle 1.9 percent
Taxi and Other 1.5 percent

Ealing Council Scrutiny Panel Review Document, Tuesday 18 January


What can you do?