Play Streets

We believe children should be able to play in the street with their neighbours; that’s what strong communities are built on, time and experience shared together.

Play streets allow for calm and safer streets for kids to play with their neighbouring friends on the street outside or near their home for a few hours each month. The play street road has a stewarded closure of the road to motor vehicles.

In Ealing you can apply to Ealing Council for a play street. Before you apply it asks that you discuss the play street with residents. You will need to show support for the scheme from the majority of the residents in the street, and also need others to help to steward the street and marshal any car movements if it’s approved.

Once you apply the council provides a pack so a formal consultation process can be undertaken to check residents are okay with the proposal. If everything is fine the council can then do the necessary paperwork so the play street barriers can be used at the allocated times.

And then it’s time to enjoy your play street!

There’s more on the process here

Playstreet testimonials

Here are some words on Ealing play streets from those that have experienced them!

We love our play street!

It’s an opportunity to show the kids that the streets belong to all of us – not just cars. Temporarily closing the road to through traffic means we can make space for play – particularly ‘free play’ which kids don’t get much of. We don’t have any organised activities but bring some bits for the kids to decide what to do with. They come up with all sorts – we’ve had dens, rafts and rockets. The play streets are also very popular with grown up residents, including those without kids, as they enjoy having the opportunity to socialise with neighbours in a shared space . It’s a really simple thing to do (and free!) – put up some barriers and stop the through traffic, but they always feel really special.

South Ealing Playstreet user

Thank you so much for doing this, the kids really enjoy it! It’s wonderful to see everyone playing together no matter of age x

South Ealing Playstreet user