How to Active Travel – Walking

For those who can, walking is the most accessible physical activity, and already very popular in the UK. It also has the greatest potential to grow, particularly among people disproportionately affected by low physical activity levels and poor health.

Reasons to start walking:

  • Walking is free, requires no special equipment, training, or gym or club memberships.
  • Walking is a moderate, low-impact activity unlikely to cause injury.
  • You can walk almost anywhere and at any time.
  • You can start slowly and easily and build up gradually, ideal if you are very unfit, have a long-term condition or are on a rehabilitation programme. For some people it is a ‘gateway’ to more vigorous activities
  • You can wear everyday clothing, reducing embarrassment for unfit or overweight people.
  • It is a multipurpose activity that facilitates social interaction or getting from A to B
  • Only 4% of people either need help when walking outside the home or are unable to walk on their own at all

Additionally, as a form of transport, walking:

  • Does not involve the use of vehicles, machinery, fuel or special equipment.
  • Does not produce excess carbon dioxide, noxious fumes or noise pollution.
  • Reduces congestion, which was estimated to cost £10.9 billion a year in English urban areas in 2009
  • Is easily integrated with public transport for longer journeys.
  • Favours an improved public realm and increased quality of life.

Here are the Better Ealing Streets top six links to getting everyone walking:

You can get to some amazing places in Ealing just by walking, our travel time maps show you just how far you can get!