How to Active Travel – Running

Walking and cycling are often the only modes of transport considered when talking about active travel.

Why not also consider running? It doesn’t have to be far or fast and it’s easy to stop for a rest or even just walk a bit!

While it’s seen by many as just a form of exercise, running can also be an efficient mode of transport for getting from A to B, either in its own right or as part of a multi-modal journey.

Getting around by running has many benefits:

  • It’s affordable (you only need a pair of trainers)
  • you can cover longer distances quicker than walking
  • you don’t need to find a parking space when you get to your destination
  • you won’t have to sit in congestion
  • it has a very low carbon footprint
  • it helps to boost mental and physical health-promoting cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, relieving stress and boosting mood
  • it’s an activity you can enjoy by yourself or with others
  • Ealing is well served by parks, towpaths and riversides ideal for running along and getting around the borough

Consider running as an option for everyday journeys, errands, visiting friends and commutes