How to Active Travel – Cycling

Cycling is an amazing way of getting around.

Getting from A to B using a bike can often be quicker than any other method, including car or bus, and it’s good for you and the environment.

Here’s our top tips on how to get going :

  • Try before you buy ?

    Try a brand new or nearly new bike for a small monthly fee, with lights, lock and helmet included.

    You can then choose to buy it, at a reduced cost, via payment plan or Cycle to Work scheme. Get a head start with a free cycle training session from a qualified bike instructor.

  • Borrow a cargo trike from Ealing Council

    Cargo bikes are an amazing way of getting stuff (animate or inanimate) around. Ealing Council’s cargo bike scheme lets you hire a cargo trike for FREE!

    More details here:

Our travel time maps show how just how far you can get on a bike, generate your own at