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If you support the concept of low traffic neighbourhoods and the trials being undertaken it’s important that you make your feelings known to Ealing Council and your councillors along with any feedback you have about how the schemes could be improved.

By Email

Send your email to the cabinet at:

For the subject of the email use the text “I support the Fisher Lanes Changes”.

If your feedback is about a different LTN then include its reference and name.

LTN 8: Olive Road – ORD 4252A
LTN 20: West Ealing North – ORD 4261A
LTN 21: West Ealing South – ORD 4248A
LTN 25: Acton Central – ORD 4259A
LTN 30: Loveday Road – ORD 4257A
LTN 32: Junction Road – ORD 4254A
LTN 34: Glendun Road (Bowes Road) – ORD 4255A
LTN 35: Mattock Lane – ORD 4256B
LTN 48: Adrienne Avenue – ORD 4253A

Make the body of your email personal, detail how the LTN/Road changes is or are working for you and your neighbours. Include any observations you have about possible improvements or adjustments to help make the road changes work best for the whole community.

If after you have sent your email if there are more aspects you want to raise or inform the council about then you can send more than one email.

It’s important you include your full name and address.

It’s also important you copy in your local ward councillors, their email addresses can be found here:

After that, if you still have time!

Cc the Council Leadership:

Cc Ealing’s representative at the London Assembly and TfL

Cc Your Member of Parliament

Ealing and Central Acton: 

Ealing North: 

Ealing and Southall: 

And we would love it if you could Cc Better Ealing Streets with

The council also have a web page here detailing more about the process including details of consultations for new LTNs in the area.
By Letter

Post them to the Highways Service, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL, quoting reference ORD XXXXX .

Sorry about that. If you just send a quick thank-you mail (including your address) to, that will work just as well.

If you have a bit more time, why don’t you head over to and send mails to your councillors and MP as well?