Bike Hangars

Bike hangars are protected on street storage for people’s bikes.

Ealing has a number of Cycle Hoop Bikehangars provided via a council scheme, and in the standard form each Bikehangar can hold up to six normal sized bikes.

We believe such hangars for cycles are a key part of cycling infrastructure and many more spaces are urgently needed in Ealing.

For households without the ability to keep all the bikes they need practically, especially those in terraced houses or flats, secure on street bike storage may be the only practical way to enable bike ownership.

Where should they be?

  • Bike hangars need to be located where they can make the most societal benefit, such as social housing, flats and areas of lower car ownership. With a hangar space people without hallways or front gardens can avoid the #thisisawkward situation
  • Look into prioritising applications for a space in a bike hangar on the basis of need rather than queue position, for example key workers and people without CPZ permits
  • Don’t hide bike hangars away on gable ends or dark corners where they are less overlooked by houses which can be less secure
  • Provide bike hangars for non-standard cycles such as cargo bikes, trikes and hand-cycles to allow all types of cycle user to store their bikes securely

  • E-bike take-up is ballooning. Provide e-charging facilities inside bike hangars

  • 150 bike hangars doesn’t fulfil Ealing’s waiting list for 1200+ spaces. Allowing people to install bike storage in front gardens would help alleviate demand for hangar space.
  • There may be no policy prohibiting front of house cycle storage, but there needs to be a planning policy encouraging it, including in conservation areas. Ealing’s planning department needs to be in step with the council’s climate goals.

How to Apply for a Bike Hangar Space

To get a bike hangar space you can apply via the Cyclehoop cycle parking rental page. Many bike hangars in Ealing are already full and you may have to join a waiting list, but doing so will make the scale of demand clear to the council!

If you can’t find a bike hangar space near enough then Ealing Council has promised a number of new bike hangers, so if you want a new bike hangar on your street let the council know!